Best New Scholarship in China For Students

Hubei Provincial Scholarships in China for Non-Chinese 2019

  • Non-Chinese All nationalities except Chinese.
  • Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D. All Subjects.
  • Complete Tuition Fees For RMB 10,000 to RMB 20,000 per year.

Scholarship Description:

Government of China Hubei Provincial Government funds Hubei Provincial Scholarships in China for all nationalities 2019, The Government of China for Non-Chinese All nationalities excluding Chinese. The scholarship provides Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D. level program (s) in the department of All Subjects taught at China Universities Selected Universities. The Last Date Of This Scholarship Application In China University Is June 1, 2019

Qualification For Apply The Scholarship

To qualify for the development study. For overseas in China. they must prove the effectiveness of the scholarships for international students, Hubei Province has established rules for managing scholarships in Hubei for the examination of research, social services, improvement and cultural exchanges in universities and colleges. Degree Level: The Scholarship is welcoming for Ph.D., Masters and Bachelor degree

Available Subjects For Scholarship In China:

The scholarships award for any topic taught in universities competing in Hubei Provincial scholarship.

Scholarships Benefits for applicants:  According to different category and amounts, scholarships should divide into five sections: Undergraduate Scholarship includes 10,000 per year; Graduate Scholarship includes 15,000 RMB per year; Doctorate scholarship includes 20,000 RMB per year; General Scholar Scholarship includes 5,000 RMB per 6 months or 10,000 for per year; Advanced Scholarship (including visiting scholars, similarly hereinafter) includes 10,000 per 6 months or 20,000 per year.

Eligible Nationalities:

Except for Chinese nationality holders, All nationalities are eligible.

Eligibility Criteria: The Applicant must:

well-behaved their behaver status, hardworking, excellent grade and in good health.
In the Undergraduate scholarship, applicants should stay within the average age of 25 years of age and have earned degrees equal to Chinese High School Degree or higher.

Best New Scholarship in China For Students

Best New Scholarship in China For Students

Graduate Scholarship candidates should come within the standard of 30-year-old and have got a bachelor’s degree.
Doctorate Scholarship appellants should be in the average age of 35 years old and have received a masters degree,
All General Scholar Scholarship appellants should be within the average age of 40 years.

In addition, scholars studying Chinese should have graduated or higher, and professional scholars should have a bachelor’s degree or higher or should be students category 2 or above.

In Advanced Scholarship, applicants should have completed a master’s degree or high and associate professor degree or above and should be the average age of 50 years old.

The Requirement For Applicant’s

The demand for applicant’s Chinese language proficiency to decided in accord with the major to be learned and language of instruction.
Applicants do not get any financial aid from the Chinese government or different organizations.

Application Procedure:

Applicants should procure related materials based on universities’ and colleges’ demands. The following is the list of the required substances :

  1. Application Form of the Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship
  2. Copy of original Passport
  3. Notarized eminent Diploma
  4. Notarized Transcript of Certificate of Job Title
  5. Letter of the Recommendation and Health Certificate
  6. Other required documents
  7. Applicants who haven’t been studying it in the colleges and universities applied for the scholarship. They require to fill in the Application Form of Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship (form 1); Applicants who have done studying in the colleges and universities applied for the required to fill in Application Form of the Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship (form 2).

Deadline: 01 June 2019


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